Tool Trolley
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Tool Trolley


Vertex Tool Trolley available in different models, we also provide as per the customized requirement. Vertex Tool Trolley  are designed to meet the customer specification and requirement.

VERTEX Tool Trolley are made of Prime Quality Steel , Powder Coated with 7 tank Pre Treatment Process. Tool Trolley is loaded with heavy duty & sturdy castor wheel with 2nos of Fix Castor & 2nos of swivel Castor.

VERTEX Tool Trolley came with an option for Soft Board Panel & Magnetic Board.









575w x 717d x 1000h

A :100 mm 3nos
C :150 mm2nos,

B : 75mm 4 nos,
D : 75mm 2nos & 150mm 1nos.


E :100 mm 7nos
G : 75 mm 4nos & 100 4nos.

F : 100 mm 4nos & 150mm 2nos
H : 75 mm 2nos ,100mm 4nos & 150mm 1nos.



600w x 600d x 1000h

A :100 mm 7nos
C : 75 mm 4nos & 100 4nos.

B : 100 mm 4nos & 150mm 2nos
D : 75 mm 2nos ,100mm 4nos & 150mm 1nos.



700w x 717d x 1000h

A :100 mm 7nos
C : 75 mm 4nos & 100 4nos.

B : 100 mm 4nos & 150mm 2nos
D : 75 mm 2nos ,100mm 4nos & 150mm 1nos.


* All above models are also available with Door.
*Each Drawer Load Capacity in  3 different Range 25kg UDL, 100 kg UDL & 200 kg UDL.  (Optionally)
* Tool Trolley is also provided with Customized Size & Drawing.
* Customized drawer size is Ranging in 10 different heights from 50 to 200 mm.


VTTR drawer has provision to accommodate all accessories. Trolley comes with tubular handle and heavy duty castors that can carry load of 800kg. Trolley has 2 front swivel castors with breaks and 2 rears castor fix type. VERTEX Tool Trolley are powder coated and you can choose from 4 attractive colors.


Key Attributes

  • VERTEX  Tool Trolley is particularly well suited for non-stationery workstation.
  • Tool Trolley save more than 50% in wasted labour , as stored item are clearly arranged.
  • Improved shelf  life of tools, appearance, safety and morale.
  • It allows vital tools to be safely transported and precisely housed for speedy accessibility.
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