Tool Cupboard
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Tool Cupboard


Tool Cupboard with Perforated Panel (VTCP) & Tool Cupboard with VMC Tool Frame (VTCV)

We are offering TOOL CUPBOARD which are design scientifically and in ergonomically way looking  towards human factors. We design customized TOOL CUPBOARD with perforated Panels, Self, Tool Holder Frames & Drawers. As per the requirement of customers there is facility of Perforated Panel and Different Hooks to hang the tools in innovative manners. There is also option for Tool Frame in which you can accommodate VMC TOOLS like BT 40, BT 50, BT 30, HSK 100, HSK 63 etc. It is also with Acrylic door to easily visible product kept inside.

This Cupboard will be design in such a way that it is fully customized. You can go for no of shelf, no of drawer or Tool frame as per your height of tool as per your requirement.

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1200 mm W x 600mm D x 1750mm H

  1. There is Facility of Perforated Panel Inside the CupBoard with different Hooks To Store different tools.
  2. Provide Lockable Drawers  from out side.
  3. You have an option for Making Two Door with individual lock and key.
  4. Provide Shelf for storage of goods.


1200 mm W x 600mm D x 1750mm H

  1. Facility of Tool Frame which accommodate different tools like BT 40, BT 50, HSK100, HSK 63 ETC.
  2. Provide Lockable Drawers  from out side.
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