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FIFO Storage Rack - FIFO Rack Manufacturer

Introduction Content
VERTEX  provides solutions of competent ”Dynamic Storage“ for Since 2005. The product range spreads from complete flowthrough and pushback-racks over premounted components up to individual parts for self-assembly. Additional services as blueprinting, testing, delivery and on-site assembly make the offer complete.

The name VERTEX stands for quality and reliability in the field of conveying components:
• We develop economic solutions to gain distinctly sinking storage costs
• We aim at maximum utilisation of limited storage capacity and observe the requested storage concept ("First-In-First-Out“ or “Last-In-First-Out“)
• Our solutions result in perceptibly increasing speed at storing as well as a considerably better warehouse organisation

Appropriate to your individual demands we offer everything from layout over production, delivery, assembly to launch from one source. We are looking forward to your challenges!

Fifo Rack,Fifo Racks

Dynamic storage
Processing goods in many fields has developed from simple static stocking to dynamic storage. The easy
compartment storage has its advantage at large variety of items and small stocks – nevertheless with low variety and high amounts of goods stored on a pallet or concerning requirements, that strictly demand.

VERTEX  provides solutions of competent ”Dynamic Storage“ for Since 2005 . The product range spreads from complete flowthrough- and pushback-racks over premounted components up to individual parts for self-assembly. The dynamic storage fully plays on its strength.
The main advantages of dynamic storage
• optimum utilisation of available space
• shorter ways of deposit and removal
• strictly keeping the requested storage concept (FiFo / LiFo)
• better organisation of good with high turnover  

Storage concept FiFo / LiFo
FIFO (First In - First Out) Flow-Through-Rack

The charge is deposited moveable on gravity conveyor rollers and transported without any additional energy – by gravity only – to the position for removal.
• easy supervision of expire date
• no IT-control necessary, concept runs automatically
• short operation ways for commission of orders
• space-saving compared to other storage concepts
• optimum utilisation of rack space
• spatial separation between deposit and removal optimises workflow and use of space
• permanently high filling level at removal: the charge will move up automatically after picking
• the application of a separator at removal reduces the accumulation pressure and in this way allows the safe and convenient removal of the foremost load carrier

Storage Fifo Racks

LIFO (Last In - First Out) – Push-Back-Rack
Push-back-racks work on the LiFo-concept. So the charge deposited at last will be removed first. Up to six pallets of 1000 kg weight can be inserted into the aisle by a forklift. A separation and decelaration is usually not necessary – which leads to appreciable cost advantage compared to flow-through-racks.

• optimum utilisation of space
• deposit and removal at the same site allows positioning the rack close to the building wall


We as a FIFO rack manufacturer glad to introduce a cost efficient solution that devoid of the low space requirement anxiety, which is also renowned as first in, first out rack due to its functionality. This offered FIFO rack is a peerless solution that double or triple the capacity of a warehouse, perfect to store pipe rack, high density storage, pipe rack, multi level storage, assembly line side storage and other analogous products.

Our effort to introduce an advanced technology based concept that diminishes the storage space requirement and enhances the work efficiency has enabled us to come out with FIFO racks that are being a broadly appreciated for its ergonomics aspect, also reckoned as flow through the rack. The 20 pallets deep structure of this FIFO rack has the capability to accommodate the large number of charges and reduces the forklift travel.

Our consideration of the highest space utilization is resulted in the FIFO rack that has the highest utilization capacity, unlikely to other storage medium having a high storage capacity but low utilization. Moreover, we as FIFO rack manufacturer provide customized product as per the stated measurements by clients at the leading rates in the market.

  • Require very low space for storage
  • Cost efficient solution
  • High density storage
  • Maximum utilization of the space
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